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"I called Epilog yesterday and they were very helpful-- they sent me a Summit manual from an old stack, I pay only for shipping."

Everyone seems to rave about epilog's exceptional tech support, even for older models. We should give them a call.


Different laser, similar problem. People seem pretty confident that it's an overheating issue, which is plausible seeing as our exhaust system is a little janky. However, I have noticed this issue occur immediately during prints, so unless we have a huge problem with air circulation, overheating would seem a bit strange. OP said Epilog ended up sending her a new laser tube, despite everyone saying it was due to overheating.

We definitely need to give the entire thing a thorough cleaning. Epilog's site has tutorials for careful cleaning on similar cutters, so we should be able to take care of that. Also a weekly cleaning is recommended, but I'm not sure we'll be that diligent.


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