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Woven copper lamp


Eli L.:
My wife wove this on her loom using stranded copper wire. I helped with the construction (steel armature) and electrification (candelabra sockets).

Anything that was not copper colored, I painted with copper paint to blend in with the rest. The wire connecting the sockets is clear-colored zip cord.
The down rod has a length of copper tubing over it to hide the brass color and external threading.

The illuminated stones are carnelian, which we bought at the gem and mineral show.

- Eli

Robbie L:
If she wants to do a next revision, have her look at using enamel coated magnet wire since it is insulated, still looks like copper, and you can run low voltage over it. That way, you could work LED or 12v halogen lighting into the fixture without there being any visible wires. It would not be able to wire directly into a ceiling box without a power converter though so that idea might be better for a table lamp.


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