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PCB fab deal


Seeed studios is running a promotion where you get a $10 coupon for any order.  Given that an preset is often $10, that is a pretty good deal.  I've ordered a couple boards from them and was very happy with the quality.  For the record, I received my orders in about 3 weeks.

Robbie L:
As another option, I have been using Bay Area Circuits to get PCBs done for personal and college projects. Smaller 2 layer PCBs with a 5 day turnaround and shipping from CA is about $10/board, $30 order minimum. This is probably a good mid-range option between ultra-fast turnaround time and/or excellent quality or slow turnaround time and/or somewhat more lax quality. Additionally, they usually make a few extra boards in case one tests bad, and they will send you the extras as well, failed or not.


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