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Xerocraft needs Y-O-U


Jeremy Briddle:
Xerocraft is expanding and we need members who can contribute content to our social network. We want members to blog about their projects, write articles about the hacker community and lifestyle, post interesting links to our Facebook page, send tweets, take pictures and video of the goings-on at our hackerspace and more.

Here's a list of opportunities to choose from:

- Manager of our YouTube Channel (or Vimeo channel?): It would be great if we could find someone to redesign the channel (new background, etc), post videos and edit the content.
- Facebook page Content Creators: Post pictures and links to cool articles, arrange albums and make announcements.
- Manager of our Twitter page: Someone to redesign our page (new background, etc) and tweet about Xerocraft, respond to tweets and direct messages and retweet cool content.
- bloggers: Write articles about Xerocraft, it's members and their projects, issues in the hacker community, helpful resources and websites, etc.
- Forum admins and mods: We need people to moderate the forum, redesign the layout and icons and contribute content.
- Wiki: Members who can write, edit and moderate our wiki.
- Flickr: People who can post cool pictures to our Flickr page and Flickr group.
    - We now have a digital camera setup with an Eye-Fi card. Any pictures you take around Xerocraft will be automatically added to our Flickr page. Videos taken will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.


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