Author Topic: Steering Committee Meeting Notes from Feb 26, 2018  (Read 1080 times)

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Steering Committee Meeting Notes from Feb 26, 2018
« on: February 26, 2018, 08:13:03 pm »
7:12pm to 8:12pm

In Attendance: Jeremy, Dale, Adrian Ba, Candi, Adrian Bo


1. Jeremy: Go through the wishlist, remove things we have already.
2. Dale: Hack Your Hackerspace
3. Adrian Bo: Crafts


1. Jeremy: Go through the wishlist, remove things we have already.
- The Wish List is now a wiki.
- Shop Manager should manage it.
- We culled the list as best we could.

2. Dale: Hack Your Hackerspace
- Fill the cracks in the classroom floor with a mix of glue and sawdust.
   - White wood glue, $12-14 per gallon. Roughly 3 gallons should fill the cracks in the classroom.
   - Let's test a square foot section.
   - First step is to apply glue/sawdust mix. When it dries, second step is to apply sealer coat of garage floor paint.
   - 4 person job, 1 person to clear out junk, 1 person follows with vacuum to get debris, 1 person to mix sawdust and glue, 1 person to apply it.
   - Tools: mixing tub, 2 spatulas (putty/drywall knives, Dale has some), 2 scraping tools.
- Adrian Ba: Continue vacuuming in basement classroom.
- Use Great Stuff expanding sealant (window and door) to fill the crack between the east wall and the dock to protect against rain.
   - First step of a two-step process: apply silicone-based caulking over Great Stuff.
   - It would be great to do the whole perimeter of the basement.
   - Apply blue tape on underside to stop foam from expanding into basement.
   - UV will destroy Great Stuff
   - Adrian Ba: Instead of Great Stuff, we could use foam rods, pushed in with a stick.
- Dig out the sump on the ramp.

3. Adrian Bo: Crafts
- There are a lot of people interested in helping Candi organize Crafts.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will setup Candi's Xc email.
- ACTION ITEM: Adrian Bo will setup Candi with a keyfob.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will get Candi a front door key.
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