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Steering Committee Minutes from Nov 5th Meeting
« on: November 09, 2012, 06:26:59 pm »
Present: Jeremy, David, Robbie, Vince, Leon, Josh

Social Networking
Light Parade
Burning Man
Monetize Website
Keys for Carl

Finances: We got a report back about October, and it seems like we're making more money these days and there are some complicated accounting issues that are being figured out by Connor. We will soon have extremely accurate info about how much were making from dues and whatnot.

Jobs: We discussed the need to remind ourselves and each other what jobs need to be performed and who's going to administer them.
Keymaster- David Lesser - He is the master of keys, and he gives keys to those deemed worthy by the steering committee.
Outreach - Josh, Dale and Jeremy, These people are responsible for updating the website, getting info to Tucson Weekly, and updating the social networking websites
Treasurer - Technically its Connor, and Dale has been performing many treasurer tasks as well. Jeremy is lined up to take Connor's place after the next official Xerocraft Board Meeting
New Member Liason - Its anyone who is a keyholder/steering committee member during any given open times. We share this load together!
Listserv admin - Josh, I am responsible for adding new people to the listserv
Official X Email - We're in the process of having it auto forwarded to either the list, or to an individual or a group of individuals.
Donations Screener - a position we're considering having someone be. This would require an official meeting as it has to do with money stuffs

Social Networking - There's a new QR codes page at X that helps people easily access and update our blog, website, flicr acct and facebook. We want everyone to contribute to creating and updating media from X and the awesome stuff we're doing. We're also looking into getting an Eye-Fi card, which is a SD card that auto updates online.

Clean up - We need to do it more often. We are going to schedule another cleanup day, as well as add cleanup time to our steering committee meetings. A brief cleanup session with many hands will make some cleanup efforts go easier.

Tucson Light Parade - We're going to do it! Leon, Josh and Jeremy offered to pitch in for the $70 entry fee, if anyone else wants to contribute see Leon. We request that anyone who wants to please pitch in a hand at getting the X skull float ready for the parade!

Burning Man - Some of us want to go, see Leon or Josh to talk about it!

Monetize Website - We are looking into making money from our site. Vince in looking into Affiliate Ad programs i.e. if you click on an amazon link through our site before you buy stuff, Xerocraft makes some money! and were doing some research on if and how other hackerspaces do or don't do ads, and checking our site traffic to see if it maybe worth it to have discrete and non-obtrusive ads. This was a topic that has many caveats and is currently still under discussion.

Website - We are going to get our own server space and domain. Phil has graciously hooked us up for a while and we want to take on the task now. Robbie and others are looking into the best way to migrate. The concern was raised that we don't want to use a Mega-server domain company that are sellouts!

WAMO - Warehouse Arts Management Organization and Xerocraft have entered discussion on a possible new location for Xerocraft. They came to X on wednesday and there is lots more discussion happening on if and how we can take over this new space. Many more details to come!

Keys for Carl - He wants keys, and we okay'd it! hooray carl!

Meetings - We observed that having meetings every other week doesn't result in higher attendance and has led to there being longer meetings. We discussed having meetings every week or every other week, and to be honest I'm having a hard time remembering what we decided and I didn't write it down.. can anyone comment on what we decided? I believe it was that we are to continue to meet every 2 weeks and it doesn't matter if there are 5 mondays in a month or not, the schedule will just be every 2 weeks.

great turnout and great discussions!
thanks to those who came!
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Re: Steering Committee Minutes from Nov 5th Meeting
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2012, 08:19:05 pm »
to be honest I'm having a hard time remembering what we decided and I didn't write it down.. can anyone comment on what we decided?

We're going to meet every other Monday, rather than the first and third Monday of every month. If you're unsure when the next Steering Committee will be, check our calendar.