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Steering Committee Meeting Notes from Feb 12, 2018
« on: February 12, 2018, 07:30:07 pm »
7:23pm to 8:00pm

In Attendance: Jeremy, Adrian Bo, Adrian Ba, Kasady, Chris H, Don, Thomas J, David L

*Jeremy: talk to Thomas about KMKR

1. Adrian: Tucson Game Developers
2. Adrian Bo: Calendar
3. Adrian Bo: Hack Your Hackerspace
4. Adrian Bo: Wishlist

1. Adrian: Tucson Game Developers
- Chris lost his space at CoLab. They're looking for a new space.
- Monthly, they need a space to meet and have discussions. Occasionally, they have Game Jams that can run for a couple of days.
- They meet last Tuesday of the month but they can change it.
- David L is the Group Activities Organizer.
- Tucson Game Developers were not paying CoLab.
- Chris inherited the group a year ago.
- During a Thursday Open Hack?
- Kasady: There can be a lot of noise.
- Adrian: Wednesday could work, too.
- Adrian Bo: Informational displays around the space, introduction to RPi or Unity engine courses would be helpful.
- Chris: TGD could do design work for us, too.
- Adrian Bo will be here Wednesday, Feb 21 at 6:30 to volunteer for the first TGD meeting at Xerocraft.

2. Adrian Bo: Calendar
- Jeremy removed dumpster from the calendar.

3. Adrian Bo: HYH
- David L: Move the green drum sander downstairs, finish the jointer dust collector, tidy up Metal Shop. Move enameling kiln to the basement. Beware of pickling acid!
- Adrian Bo: Relocate light in Electronics Dept, vacuuming,
- ACTION ITEM: Talk to Yair about backlit Xerocraft logo.
- ACTION ITEM: Ask Shop Managers for work to do.
- Adrian Bo: Knock down the wall behind 3D printers, resurface more Samsonite tables.
- Remove unwanted chairs.

4. Adrian Bo: Wishlist
- On, Support Us tab > Wishlist. It's now a wiki.
- Wishlist was very out of date.
- ACTION ITEM: Next Steering Committee we'll go through the wishlist, remove things we have already.
- ACTION ITEM: Shop Managers should handle wish list for their departments.
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