Author Topic: Need help with using the laser cutter.  (Read 2344 times)

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Need help with using the laser cutter.
« on: July 31, 2014, 06:45:12 pm »
Hello All,

         I am in need of someone who would take the time to make a part for me on the laser cutter. I am not yet trained on it and need this piece ASAP.

         I don't care what material is used as long as it isn't wood. The parts consist of two 3"x1.5" rectangles with a cut-out for a DB-50 connector, and one 3"x1.5" rectangle with cutouts for a DC power barrel connector and a type-b usb connector.

         I have made drawings in sketchup which i will attach to this message. I plan to attach them to ABS project boxes with screws and bolts.

 If anyone would help me with this i would be eternally grateful. I will gladly provide any materials needed. Just let me know.
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