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Aluminum Extrusion -- sources and possible 80/20 visit


andy barss (bookmatch):
I have a couple of projects that will require aluminum extrusions,  and have been looking around at various suppliers.  Is there a local source that people use?

The two most promising ones I've located are:

(1)  Makerslide, which has built-in bearing V-slides, making it cheaper to add on moving parts:

(2)  80-20 (  Large range of products, and the only downside seems to be that shipping comes close to doubling he price.  I have been in touch with the Phoenix distributor, and they have a product-demo van that can come to a customer. This would, I think, eliminate the shipping costs. 

Would other Xerocraft members be interested in having him and the van come to Xerocraft?

And does anyone  anyone recommend someone else?

        -- Andy Barss


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