Author Topic: Please notify me of work in software dev, test, QA, IT, trainer, or other  (Read 3014 times)

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Please let me know if you hear of any of these types of positions that can be done in Tucson or remotely:
1. software development (especially C and embedded systems)
2. test/QA
3. IT / network / server/ desktop admin / helpdesk
4. software trainer
5. other things

I've listed those in order of preference and experience. (I have experience with each role.)

I can send a resume if you think you may know of something.

After drifting for a while, I have new focus and resolve:   I have decided to stay in Tucson, and to do whatever it takes, to support my new family.  Yes, earlier this week I married a woman who has two kids, ages 5 and 12.

Muchas gracias!
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Email me directly. I may have something embedded systems.
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