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Cardboard Party Planning Meeting


Robbie L:
Hey Everyone

On the 28th, there will be the cardboard ball happening in the north space. This is a party where everyone shows up in cardboard costumes and/or with cardboard artwork. As discussed in today's steering meeting, I would like to hold a meeting on this Saturday at 1pm in the multipurpose room of Xerocraft to start design/crafting process so that Xerocraft can be awesome at the party. Who would like to help with this? Please save up any cardboard you may have for this if you want to be involved. Additionally, I have 2 robot platforms that can be used for cardboard robots (perhaps 3 if steve lets us use Sparks) as well as lots of spare robot parts. I would like to make one platform a Dalek, and the other platform (or 2) are available for other ideas. So, whos in? Post ideas here.

Patrick Madden:
I will defiantly be at the meeting, Kinda wan to try a Iron Man from cardboard however i may or may not be able to attend the actual ball.


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