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I'm requesting a light that will stay on at the front entrance (where the motion sensor light is currently installed). Now that it's getting darker earlier, it is difficult to see the ramp or the steps if the light hasn't been triggered. If we could set up something to go on at dusk and turn off at midnight, that should cover normal traffic in and out of the space.

RE: Mouse problem.
You wrote: "Dispose of all food waste in the tall rolling garbage or recycle bins...".
Should read: "Dispose of all food waste only in the tall rolling garbage bin. Do not put food waste (including wrappers or dirty utensils) in recycle bins."

We clarify the tasks for which staffers are responsible. In addition to supervising Open Hack, getting people to sign in and sign liability waivers, the following tasks are staffer responsibilities on Open Hack shifts.
Staffers can assign some of these tasks to Open Hack attendees as necessary.
I suggest we print out a general list that can be initialed by the responsible staffers after the tasks are done.

While we have area managers, they may not be present for every Open Hack. Additionally, there are areas that don't have a specific manager (bathroom, kitchen, entry space, area immediately outside doors).
Everyone should be responsible for cleaning up their mess, winding down hacks before closing time is a good way to get this done, however, sometimes things aren't done because we think someone else is taking care of them.
By creating specific lists that can be checked off, I think we can help people who don't know what to do when we say "Help us cleanup". I also think that it may keep us from offloading some not-fun tasks onto the next shift.

Suggested list of tasks:
  • Making sure each work area is ready for next open hack. (Area managers make a list of what needs to be done to make each area ready. For example: Dust computers, printers, keyboards, screens).
  • Pick up any drinks, food, or other garbage left laying around and toss.
  • Wipe down tables in areas that were used.
  • Sweep or vac all areas used.
  • Check area outside front entry, pick up and toss trash and cigarette butts,
  • Make sure the bathroom is clean. Includes fixture cleaning/sanitizing and floor mopping
  • Make sure the kitchen is clean. Includes washing any dirty dishes, wiping/sanitizing fixtures and counters
  • Make sure there is toilet paper and paper towels available in bathroom and kitchen.
  • Track cleaning supplies, tp, & paper towels for the next shopping trip.
  • Tracking 1st Aid supplies for next shopping trip

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