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Chocolate molds
« on: December 22, 2012, 11:40:53 pm »
Eli and I made a silicone rubber chocolate mold, from a Xerocraft logo made on the 3D printer. 

We used the quick setting Equinox 35, from Smooth On. 

Mix the white putty, with an equal amount of purple putty -- by volume -- to make a molding putty:

The molding putty sets up in one minute, after it is mixed by hand:

Pressing the molding putty onto the 3D print positive:

After 7 minutes, the piece can be demolded:

We then cooked the mold in the oven for 2 hours at 175 degrees, and then 1 more hour at 210 degrees, to fully cure the mold, as directed by the instructions that came with the product.  The Internet instructions are slightly different, to make the mold food safe.

Later, at the Sculpture Resource Center, Ernie melted and "tempered" the chocolate before pouring it into the silicone mold.  He heated the chocolate in the microwave for only 20 seconds at a time, so that it would not burn.  After heating, he stirred the chocolate.  Then he heated it again, and stirred again, repeating until the chocolate was melted.

Once the chocolate was melted,  Ernie worked it with a spatula on a plate -- distributing the heat, or "tempering" the chocolate -- before pouring it into the mold.


The dark spots are where pieces of chocolate broke off.  Maybe I demolded it too soon:

The inspiration was to convert a plastic 3D print into a different material -- which does not have to be chocolate -- and do so quickly and easily.  Maybe we should be 3D printing cookie cutters too.
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