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Portable 3D printer
« on: December 17, 2012, 11:37:00 pm »
The Printbot Jr kit has arrived.

These are the instructions on how to put it together -- (single page of instructions).  Or one can watch the video instructions.

Then there are instructions on how to use it, with the software Prontoface and Slic3r.  Can we use a portable netbook to run this software?

The Printbot Jr is a portable 3D printer that folds up.  In the future the company plans upgrades -- "A battery pack and LCD (sold separately) will allow truly wireless printing."  However, I wanted to use it in February, during the Tucson Sculpture Festival 2013, and could not wait for those upgrades.  Maybe later in the year, one will be able to print from one's iPhone (after scanning his/her face with the iPhone).

This portable printer is limited -- it has a small build platform, and only prints with PLA media.  However, that should be fine for making small, quick prints.  In public, no one would really want to wait more than 15 minutes for a print anyhow; so small is good.

After the Tucson Sculpture Festival, the Printbot Jr might be a good toy to take outside of the hackerspace, to show people what we do at Xerocraft.