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« on: December 13, 2012, 12:10:43 pm »
My wife has a business making Judaica (Jewish ritual objects). She makes fabric Judaica using applique' and/or weaving techniques.
Here's a pair of woven Torah covers she made, which were selected to be featured in an upcoming fashion show:

The covers are to be walked down the "runway." This necessitates that they have something inside to hold them up (without Torahs inside, they are just heaps of fabric).
Torahs are super-expensive, and they're also quite my wife asked me to make her some inexpensive, lightweight "faux-rahs":

I found handles with threaded end pins from an online woodworking supply company. I painted them dark brown with Krylon Dual paint + primer; I did the same with the plywood ellipses I made.
The uprights are one-by-sixes, about two feet long. I put everything together with L brackets.

The white rectangles you see on top are strips of Velcro, which attach to corresponding strips on the undersides of the Torah covers. The Velcro holds the covers in place, with their rings centered around the top pair of handles, and prevents the covers from slipping around when they are lifted and carried by the bottom pair of handles.

I knocked these out quickly, but I think they came out pretty good!

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