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Sterering Committee Meeting Notes from Oct 9, 2017
« on: October 09, 2017, 07:24:21 pm »
7:07pm to 8:40pm

In Attendance: Jeremy, Terry G, Adrian Bo, Dale, Jim P, David L


1. Jim Porter, soldering class
2. Schedule the next Hack Your Hackerspace event
3. Adrian: Metal Shop issues
4. Adrian: TenWest
5. Dale: Downtown Radio
6. Dale: Winterize the swamp coolers


1. Jim Porter, soldering class
- Tinning wires leads, making connections, surface mounting
- Jim is certified in soldering from Raytheon.
- Jim proposes using the curriculum from his class (already approved).
- Jim can borrow PCBs for practice.
- 2 classes: Intro class for basics, safety, connecting power supplies, heat shrink, crimping. 2nd class: Through-hole and surface mount. Up to integrated circuits.
- Microscopes are helpful. Jim uses a USB microscope. A loop also works.
- We have one microscope.
- Jim brought a parts donation we can use in the class.
- He can a lot of supplies through his business.
- Jim and Adrian are interested in reflow ovens: Solders all components at once.
- Dale: We have access to cheap boards we can design and cut to size. We have a box of soldering equipment for library classes.
- Jim brought us 6 soldering irons with about 200 tips.
- Adrian: Cool to say this soldering class is based on his business's curriculum (ie industry standard).
- Jim thinks we can get Raytheon's silent blessing.
- Adrian would like to do project-based classes like WTF does. Eg "build an LED clock" with our thousands of amber LEDs. Involves laser cutting the faceplate, Arduino for the controls, Wood Shop for the housing.
- Jim would like to do a Christmas project eg Adrian's clock.
- Jeremy: Let's setup one test class with 2-3 students: Surface mounting and through-hole. Reading material before class.
- Jim requests a week to get his stuff together. He can provide an assistant to the first class.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will get the class setup with Jim once he's ready.
- Dale: Don't be too technical in the description. It draws fewer people.

2. Schedule the next Hack Your Hackerspace event
- Adrian: Sheet storage!
- Ideas for October HYH:
- Adrian Barton suggests that the battle station by 3D printing should be moved downstairs to become a work surface for the "repair shop".
- Clear out the space where the sheet storage will go.
- Remove walls around North Loft stairs if the battle station is taken downstairs.
   - Mud guys can clean up when they mud the pony walls.
- Terry G will be project lead on sheet storage. Dale will be out of town.
- Lighting crisis in Metal Shop. Replace 8ft fluorescent fixtures with 4ft LED fixtures.
- Shape concrete board with Dale's Sawzall and diamond blade.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will order pizza, water.

3. Adrian: Metal Shop issues
- Bridgeport draw-bar issues (Dale)
   - Chuck: Bridgeport draw-bar has been chased with a die to loosen the threads. The draw-bar should work just fine now.
- Should last battle station remain upstairs for David's 3D printer enclosure or go downstairs to the Repair Shop?
- David: It's already upstairs. Do we need another location for repairing things? David likes the idea of a repair station.
   - A possible HYH event to help out David.
- Consensus: Battlestation will move downstairs to the Repair Shop.

4. Adrian: TenWest
- We are less than 2 weeks away from the Ten West "Mini Maketopolis" on Saturday Oct 21st from 5pm - 11pm. Dale sent out announcements a couple weeks ago but responses were vectored to Ten West and we don't know if anybody is planning to participate. To what extent has Xerocraft committed to helping make Mini Maketopolis a success and will it reflect poorly on Xerocraft if it fails?
- Dale sent an email to Mike P. 10 people who want to sign up to show off their stuff for a mini maketopolis in exchange for a pass to TenWest.
- David is going to do a 3D printer class.
- We have until Friday to respond.
- David has ordered 5 mini 3D printers, $200 each. Waiting on money from DaNel.
- Local First, local bands involved.
- We'll need tables.

5. Dale: Downtown Radio
- Up and running next door. Their antenna is on the roof. We can do similar and shouldn't need permits.

6. Dale: Winterize the swamp coolers


- Next SCM: David's 3D printer encolsure.

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