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7:10pm to 7:46pm

In Attendance: Jeremy, Adrian Bo, Adrian Ba, Hector

1. Christmas Party
2. Hack Your Hackerspace
3. Publicity


1. Christmas Party
- Dec 16 at 6pm.
- Food, drinks, fun!
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will advertise on our social networks.

2. Hack Your Hackerspace
- HYH for December is canceled for the holidays.
- Tasks:
   - Terry G: Move panels to the left of the back door to the basement.
   - Adrian Bo: Build a donation box for the front door.
   - Adrian Bo: Re-label Electronics Dept labels that are unreadable.
   - Storage for small wood shop scraps, compensates for short storage above sheet storage that Terry G couldn't build. Adrian Ba has plans. Requires pre-planning.
   - Next Monday at 7pm, Adrian Ba will work on moving the conduit in the classroom. Laser cutter computer will need to be moved to another circuit during this time.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will advertise the conduit work on Monday.

3. Publicity
- Adrian Bo maintains a list of tasks to be performed on XIS.
7:06pm to 8:21pm

In Attendance: Jeremy, Terry N, Dale, Brook, Josh, Emilia, Michelle, Adrian Bo, Adrian Ba, Terry G, Candi, John H, David L

- David L: Bandsaw is fixed.
- David L: 3D printing class for instructors went very well. 25 attendees!
- Jason P: Has a very successful 3D printing class during Cindy's sewing class.
- Terry G: Pat is hosting a potluck get-together of artists on Saturday.
- Dale: The REX sewing machine now has a speed control.
- Dale: The T-1100 printer is functional.

- Terry G: Next HYH: Move panels to the left of the back door to the basement.


1. Jeremy: Discuss the previous Hack Your Hackerspace. What worked and what can be improved.
2. Jeremy: Some drivers who parallel park in front of the warehouse are getting tickets when parked for over two hours.
3. Terry N: Candi Carol, Shop Manager of Crafts?
4. Terry N: KMKR update
5. Dale: Cutting new front door keys
6. Josh: New City High interns
7. Emilia: Classes, kitchen shop manager, jewelry dept
8. Adrian Bo: Folding tables


1. Jeremy: Discuss the previous Hack Your Hackerspace. What worked and what can be improved.
- Michelle thought the turnout was pretty good. Once a month event seems to not be killing volunteer interest.
- Dale: Space under whiteboards is useless. 8-10 inch shelving with tow room under?
   - Terry N: Asks for 4 inch shelving. She envisions tape, pencils, tools, crafts, one item deep. Not too deep that things get lost.
      - Shelves would be inset in the wall, making them deeper.
- Adrian Bo has an idea to make shelves 12 inches deep.
- Adrian Ba was unable to finish the conduit work due to the computer in the laser cutter dept being used. He will do it at another time when he can shut down the power.
- Josh: What if we made flyers?

2. Jeremy: Some drivers who parallel park in front of the warehouse are getting tickets when parked for over two hours.
- Liam was ticketed $42 for parallel parking for over 2 hours in front of the warehouse. Parallel parking directly in front of the warehouse is also 2-hour only parking, though there is no sign nearby.
- Michelle: City is not obligated to post signs.
- Dale: When a car is moved, it must be moved at least one block away.
- The dirt lot behind Xerocraft is the best bet.
- Tuesday and Friday meetings are affected by this.

3. Terry N: Candi Carol, Shop Manager of Crafts?
- Candi volunteers at WTF. Teaches a bunch of classes for them. Jewelry, clay sculpture. She has access to a kiln at a nearby school.
- Josh: If you don't want to do it anymore, please tell us.
   - Adrian Bo: Deputy Shop Manager to help with "burnout".
- Shop Manager approval might be a Board thing. We have a Board meeting Sunday.
   - Michelle: Does Board handle Shop Manager approval? We should sort that out at the meeting.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will connect Candi with email.
- CONSENSUS: Candi is the new Shop Manager of Crafts.

4. Terry N: KMKR update
- We got some donations! We need less than $1000.
- $300 from Cathode Corner. Andy P gave $50. Dale gave $100.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will re-submit an extension.

5. Dale: Cutting new front door keys
- We're going to install a panic bar. When we do that we will have to hand out new keys.
- Keys are about $0.75 each.
- We have a key cutting machine.
- Dale will put on a key making and understanding workshop on Wednesday. We need to produce about 70 keys.
- Adrian Bo: When we hand out keys we should also reacquaint keyholders with their responsibilities (also new responsibilities). We should methodically go through each person and make sure they understand.
- Adrian Bo: That can be part of the next Hack your Hackerspace.
- Josh has a clear lock he can donate.

6. Josh: New City High interns
- Brook will be interning for Josh at City High on Tuesdays for Maker Club. He wants to get her acquainted with volunteer work and classes she can take at Xerocraft.
- Brook likes to draw. She wants to get into woodworking. She knits and crochets.

7. Emilia: Classes, kitchen shop manager, jewelry dept
- She's interested in do jewelry classes like setting, etc. She can also do painting and drawing classes.
- She's also interested in helping out in the Jewelry Dept
- Jeremy: Mike B was interested in being Kitchenette Shop Manager but seems to have stopped coming by. Liam has expressed some interest in being Kitchenette Shop Manager. Emilia could be a Deputy Shop Manager.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will add Emilia, Candi and Brook to Discussion and Staff lists.

8. Adrian Bo: Folding tables
- A lot of space in the basement is filled with unused folding tables. Can we get rid of them? Give them to WAMO? Make them communal? Rent tables when we need them?
- Josh could store them at his place.
- Dale: We need to spraypaint our logo on them if we store them offsite.
- Terry G: Why do we need so many?
   - Dale: Events like Maketopolis.
- David: There are a bunch of tables in the north space.
7:08pm to 8:04pm

In Attendance: Jeremy, Adrian Bo, Dale, David A, Terry N, Hector T, Terry G, Allan

- Hector started a company involving creating a brand on social media. He wants to help with our social media.
- Allan and David would like to volunteer.
- We got a renewal on our library contract!


1. Hack your Hackerspace
2. Dale: Update of equipment repair
3. Terry G: Arizona Designer Craftsmen


1. Hack your Hackerspace
- Dale will not be here next week.
- Adrian would rather not have a single spearhead. He can give out things for volunteers to do.
- Terry: Extra food on quartermaster shelf should be placed in plastic bins to protect from mice, which hasn't happened yet but could.
- Adrian: We're still looking for a quartermaster.
- Adrian: David L's 3D printer shelf: Finish the panels and put the brackets on the frame.
- Dale: Take out the end wall behind the 3D printers shelf.
- Terry N: Install chalkboard over Flushed Away poster. Whiteboard will also work.
   - There should be a chalkboard in storage next to the tables in the basement.
   - Adrian: We have enough dust without chalk. Adrian Ba might be able to re-route the conduit.
      - Dale: No need. Mount the board on 2x4 standoffs.
   - David A will get 4x8 whiteboard, 2 sticks of 8 ft 1x2 from Home Depot for Monday.
- Terry N: Swap robot with sewing machine.
- Terry N: Paint in the classroom.
- Adrian Bo: Move fabric, other stuff to clear that space for shelves. On top of sheet storage.
   - Terry N: Cindy made a guide of all the bolts in storage. It's in Crafts on the Sewing shelf beneath the Sewing supplies box.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will integrate the Volunteer Task List into HelpDesk.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will arrange pizza, water.
- Terry G: Sheet storage is almost finished but finishing the top half would block the fire sprinkler. Should we just call the project finished and use the space above it for general storage?
- The top was meant for shorter scraps.
   - Adrian is for it.
   - Dale: Use Blaine N's box for storage?
- Consensus: It's done.
- Adrian Ba (maybe?) was interested in redoing David L's other shelves, which could then integrate smaller sheet storage.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will send an email about the refrigerators.
- Adrian: We should get rid of the printing press.
   - David A: Will ist it on craigslist. We want the dolly it's on.

2. Dale: Update of equipment repair
- We have a new front door.
- We have a new sewing machine. Dale is upgrading all of them.
- New motor for the Rex sewing machine that will allow speed control is on its way.
- T1100 printer: Dale got a new print head and paper. He'll install it tonight. The connected computer is the black machine closest to the classroom doorway. It's a network printer with its own network address. Dale will show people how to use it.
- Ella is inventorying electronic components. Over 100,000!
- Display cabinet will be converted to a sales center for David L's electronics for sale.
- Adrian: We need to bring it to the steering committee meeting when we have something to bring in like the T1100 printer, display cabinet, etc.
   - Terry G: We have shop managers for that.
   - Adrian: But things still fall through the cracks and people put things in other peoples' areas. If the Shop Manager approves its space, it can stay. Otherwise, bring it to the steering committee to approve.
- Horizontal bandsaw: Chuck and David L say it's actually fixed. Pneumatics might still need to be repaired. Talk to Chuck.

3. Terry G: Arizona Designer Craftsmen
- December 2, 6pm to 9pm. Pat and Terry are putting it on.
- It's a group in Tucson who sponsor workshops, usually at Reid Park, who bring in professionals to teach classes like enameling, glassmaking, etc.
- This is a get-together for interested people to chat and learn about ADC.

7:05 pm to 7:53pm

In Attendance: Jeremy, Adrian Bo, Adrian Ba, Terry G, Travis T, Dale


1. Dale: Winterize the swamp coolers
2. David's 3D printer enclosure


1. Adrian Bo: Sheet storage
2. Adrian Bo: Mini Maker Fair update
3. Adrian Bo: The rest of the battlestation on the first floor
4. Adrian Bo: Staffing issues


1. Adrian Bo: Sheet storage
- Sheet storage was not finished at last HYH. What should we do in the meantime before the next HYH?
- Adrian wants to collect all sheets of lumber downstairs and stack it on the shelf for now. David probably won't like that.
- The downstairs hallway is very cluttered and unsafe.
- Terry: Please don't store the sheet flat (ie horizontal). If you want to stack them there, please stack them vertically with heaviest sheets will be used for sheet storage walls.
- Terry will try to do a little work tonight and have some functionality this week.
- Adrian Ba: If we do some housekeeping next to the power panel, we could stack a lot of sheets along the wall and not block anything.
- CONSENSUS: Meet and discuss after the meeting.
- Terry is looking for volunteers to help Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will advertise. Questions? Contact Terry.

2. Adrian Bo: Mini Maker Fair update
- Maketopolis at FUSE happened on Saturday, 5pm to 10pm.
- Tenwest is run by Justin Williams.
- Local First was putting on FUSE as a subset of Tenwest.
- Dale: We've tried to get into Tucson Festival of Books but they tend to have their admissions closed by the time we ask.
- Travis: Xerocraft could be under the umbrella of the UA Library.
- Adrian Ba can contact the local Olli (Osher Lifelong Learning; run through UA) for assistance.

3. Adrian Bo: The rest of the battlestation on the first floor
- Top half has been moved downstairs.
- It would be nice to get the rest of the battlestation downstairs to make room for David's 3D printer enclosure.
- The battlestation will become part of the repair shop. There's also a lot of stuff where the battlestation should go. Patrick is looking a the stuff to see if it's sellable.
- Dale: We have a lease option to take space in the north basement. David said that maybe we should exercise our lease option on some of that space where the sewer line runs at chest height, so the space can't really be used anyway. We can add a doorway to expand into the north basement.
- Adrian Bo: Temporary storage of stuff we're not using.
- Terry: suspend large donations until we can get a handle on what we have? We can't execute our plans without more space.
- Adrian Bo: If there's not a space for it, we can't take it. If the Shop Manager can make room for it, we'll take it.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will alert Shop Managers that we're going to start locking down on physical donations temporarily.
CONSENSUS: After meeting, the Adrians will make some room downstairs. 4 people and a hand truck needed to move it down the ramp, around the back, into the back yard and down the ramp. We'll try and move it tonight.

4. Adrian Bo: Staffing issues
- Adrian Bo is having trouble staffing Friday nights and Saturdays.
- Terry: Enticements?
- Adrian Bo: Work-Trade membership is the enticement.
- Soon we will re-key and reacquaint keyholders with their responsibilities.
- Terry: Who has the burden of enforcing the new rules.
- Adrian is changing the kiosk to check membership status, ways to pay, warning about key revocation, etc. The staffer is the good cop, the kiosk is the bad cop. Reduces confrontation.
- Terry: This has to be adult-supervised.
- Adrian: It would be nice for staffer to stand there while the attendee logs in and addresses issues.
- Terry: We need to ask keyholders to volunteer for Fridays, Saturdays.
- Adrian: Perhaps change evening hours to day hours?
- Dale: Pima Engineering Club comes in at that time.
- Adrian: We need to balance our own needs against groups' uses of space.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will send staff, keyholder, work-trade emails lists requesting volunteers on Fridays and Saturdays. Jeremy and Adrian Bo will discuss offline.
7:07pm to 8:40pm

In Attendance: Jeremy, Terry G, Adrian Bo, Dale, Jim P, David L


1. Jim Porter, soldering class
2. Schedule the next Hack Your Hackerspace event
3. Adrian: Metal Shop issues
4. Adrian: TenWest
5. Dale: Downtown Radio
6. Dale: Winterize the swamp coolers


1. Jim Porter, soldering class
- Tinning wires leads, making connections, surface mounting
- Jim is certified in soldering from Raytheon.
- Jim proposes using the curriculum from his class (already approved).
- Jim can borrow PCBs for practice.
- 2 classes: Intro class for basics, safety, connecting power supplies, heat shrink, crimping. 2nd class: Through-hole and surface mount. Up to integrated circuits.
- Microscopes are helpful. Jim uses a USB microscope. A loop also works.
- We have one microscope.
- Jim brought a parts donation we can use in the class.
- He can a lot of supplies through his business.
- Jim and Adrian are interested in reflow ovens: Solders all components at once.
- Dale: We have access to cheap boards we can design and cut to size. We have a box of soldering equipment for library classes.
- Jim brought us 6 soldering irons with about 200 tips.
- Adrian: Cool to say this soldering class is based on his business's curriculum (ie industry standard).
- Jim thinks we can get Raytheon's silent blessing.
- Adrian would like to do project-based classes like WTF does. Eg "build an LED clock" with our thousands of amber LEDs. Involves laser cutting the faceplate, Arduino for the controls, Wood Shop for the housing.
- Jim would like to do a Christmas project eg Adrian's clock.
- Jeremy: Let's setup one test class with 2-3 students: Surface mounting and through-hole. Reading material before class.
- Jim requests a week to get his stuff together. He can provide an assistant to the first class.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will get the class setup with Jim once he's ready.
- Dale: Don't be too technical in the description. It draws fewer people.

2. Schedule the next Hack Your Hackerspace event
- Adrian: Sheet storage!
- Ideas for October HYH:
- Adrian Barton suggests that the battle station by 3D printing should be moved downstairs to become a work surface for the "repair shop".
- Clear out the space where the sheet storage will go.
- Remove walls around North Loft stairs if the battle station is taken downstairs.
   - Mud guys can clean up when they mud the pony walls.
- Terry G will be project lead on sheet storage. Dale will be out of town.
- Lighting crisis in Metal Shop. Replace 8ft fluorescent fixtures with 4ft LED fixtures.
- Shape concrete board with Dale's Sawzall and diamond blade.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will order pizza, water.

3. Adrian: Metal Shop issues
- Bridgeport draw-bar issues (Dale)
   - Chuck: Bridgeport draw-bar has been chased with a die to loosen the threads. The draw-bar should work just fine now.
- Should last battle station remain upstairs for David's 3D printer enclosure or go downstairs to the Repair Shop?
- David: It's already upstairs. Do we need another location for repairing things? David likes the idea of a repair station.
   - A possible HYH event to help out David.
- Consensus: Battlestation will move downstairs to the Repair Shop.

4. Adrian: TenWest
- We are less than 2 weeks away from the Ten West "Mini Maketopolis" on Saturday Oct 21st from 5pm - 11pm. Dale sent out announcements a couple weeks ago but responses were vectored to Ten West and we don't know if anybody is planning to participate. To what extent has Xerocraft committed to helping make Mini Maketopolis a success and will it reflect poorly on Xerocraft if it fails?
- Dale sent an email to Mike P. 10 people who want to sign up to show off their stuff for a mini maketopolis in exchange for a pass to TenWest.
- David is going to do a 3D printer class.
- We have until Friday to respond.
- David has ordered 5 mini 3D printers, $200 each. Waiting on money from DaNel.
- Local First, local bands involved.
- We'll need tables.

5. Dale: Downtown Radio
- Up and running next door. Their antenna is on the roof. We can do similar and shouldn't need permits.

6. Dale: Winterize the swamp coolers


- Next SCM: David's 3D printer encolsure.

7:14pm to 8:02pm

In Attendance: Jeremy, Dale, Michelle, Terry G, Adrian Bo, Adrian Ba, David L

Next Meeting:
Dale: It's time to winterize the coolers! Michelle: Are we sure? We could still get hot spells.
Adrian Bo: Sheet storage


1. Jeremy: Post-Mortem of Hack Your Hackerspace event from Sept 18
2. Michelle: Jewelry Dept renovation update
3. Dale: Bit Buckets and trash
4. Adrian Ba: Dust control
5. Adrian Bo: Girl Scouts
6. Adrian Bo: Sheet storage


1. Jeremy: Post-Mortem of Hack Your Hackerspace event from Sept 18
- Adrian Bo: A great success!
- Following a work schedule was tricky.
- Michelle: A meeting beforehand helps. Having simple tasks to start off helps.
- Pre-order pizza a day in advance.
- Adrian Ba: One volunteer was wearing flip-flops. Remind them that close-toed shoes are necessary!
Jeremy: Ideas for improvement:
a. Assign at least one person who will attend as the "project lead". This is someone who knows how to do the activities the volunteers will be doing and can give direct instruction.
b. Should the "project lead" be late to arrive, there should be a list of simple tasks the volunteers can perform in the meantime that will prepare for the HYH event.
- Adrian Bo: Don't beg for volunteers on Facebook. Facebook should be for showing how cool we are. Accomplishments can be posted to Facebook.
Jeremy: Group picture!

2. Michelle: Jewelry Dept renovation update
- Michelle spoke to Mike R. He's going to donate concrete pavers, 3 in deep.
- Jeremy: WAMO complained about the placement of dirt. It's covering the outflow pipe and the gate. Jeremy would like to use it to rebuild a barrier that protected the ramp from flooding.
- Metal grating, jewelry table tops will probably be the only material cost.
- Adrian Bo: What's happened to all the people who were interested?
- Michelle: Haven't heard from them.
- David: There is a laser cutter user who's interested in Jewelry.

3. Dale: Bit Buckets and trash
ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will send "concerns" email to BoD. We would like to have a meeting with BB to discuss the new year and discuss mutual expectations.

4. Adrian Ba: Dust control
- Floor is not sealed, causing test to gather on ledge in basement. Every once in a while we should remove that.
- David was going to do a mini-HYH to finish the Electronics area. One errand will be to mop the area.
- Adrian Ba: People sweep towards edge of floor, which lands on ledge.
- Michelle: Putting up drywall will help. Also a lot of renovation projects are adding to it.
- Adrian Bo: Schedule a task for it.
- Jeremy noticed the gap around the perimeter of the space. Can we seal it, eg with minimally expanding sealant?
- Adrian Bo: That's also terrible for rain.
- Dale: We should seal it.
- Adrian Ba: Since wood swells in humidity, we should use a sealant that flexes with the moving wood.
- Make this a HYH event.
- The pit, ramp generate a lot of dust. Sundt? Mike R?
- Dale will talk to Mike R about it.
- Mike R has already donated brick for ramp wall. It just needs to be picked up.

5. Adrian Bo: Girl Scouts
- AKA Brownies. They sent us an email. A Pinewood Derby competition. They'd like to use the Wood Shop.
- A Group activity, they have money to spend.
- Terry G will keep in contact with them. David can help.

6. Adrian Bo: Sheet storage

7:01pm to 8:05pm

In Attendance: Jeremy, Dale, Michelle, Josh, Adrian Bo, Terry G, Adrian Ba

*Terry G: Sundt: Insulating the basement classroom.


1. Basement update
2. Money Monday/Hack your Hackerspace events
3. Adrian Bo: Work-Trade, Volunteering


1. Basement update
- Adrian installed outlets in Jewelry. The rest is more than a one man job. A long pull from box to Jewelry to handle large electrical loads.
- Adrian will need 5 people, counting him. He'll let us know and we'll get the people.
- We have the basement swamp cooler downstairs. Now we have to mount it and make rainproof air ducts.
- Dale bought a sump for the Jewelry sink.
- Dale will try to get the concrete board for the Jewelry table.
- Drywall for staircase is here and ready to be installed. With that done, we can get it permitted.
   - After permit is issued Mike R will coat it with plaster.
   - Terry G has a drywall screw gun. Adrian Ba has more tools.

2. Money Monday/Hack your Hackerspace events
- 1st Monday is Money Monday. 2nd and 4th is Steering Committee. 3rd is Hack Your Hackerspace.
- Adrian Bo doesn't want to get on Facebook, maybe Announce List instead.
- Adrian Bo: Pizza first?
   - Dale: No. Fewer people will stick around.
   - Terry G: Pizza is a bad idea. After 7pm is late to start eating. Stop early enough for people to clean up.
- Adrian Bo: On first Steering Committee of the month (2nd Monday) we arrange the next Hack Your Hackerspace event, get the keyholders ready, etc.

- Guideline for Hack Your Hackerspace:
7 - 8pm Work
8 - 8:30 Meeting/Eat
8:30 - 9:30 Work
9:30 - 10: Clean

- Next Monday's Hack Your Hackerspace event:
1. Drywall the staircase
2. Cut thin MDF, plywood sheets to laser cutter size (per David)
3. Jewelry pit

ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will advertise the HYH events on Announce List. Promise food.

- What is Money Monday? Dale, Terry N, Adrian Bo, Michelle, others attend to look at alternative revenues streams, grants, contracts,m anything that will bring in money other than donations and memberships.

3. Adrian Bo: Work-Trade, Volunteering
- Adrian Bo's idea: Current Work-Trade creates an initial wall that makes it less appealing. Requiring 6-9 hours is a barrier who isn't retired, also confusing. Switch to system where you do x hours of work for y hours of "playtime".
- Terry G: Would require a lot of discipline, checking out as well as in.
- Adrian Bo is working on a kiosk system that tracks this.
- Adrian wants to turn the RFID into a key rather than a checkin. Eventually everyone will be directed to kiosk.
   - Michelle worries that will alienate them and lead to a bad experience.
- Josh: Remember that we're here to serve the community.
- Dale: This is a Board decision. It's already a board item.
7:13pm to 8:30pm

In Attendance: Jeremy, Chuck, Seanlee, Dale, Adrian Bo, Adrian Ba, Liam, Scott, Jorge, Terry N, Terry G

- Rex industrial sewing machine's speed controller should be installed tonight.


1. Adrian: Projector for classroom
2. Adrian: Quartermaster and "consumables to stock"
3. Adrian: Selling on eBay for commission
4. Adrian: Status of Cameo "vinyl cutter". Repair or replace?
5. Terry N: Table swap: desk near stairs and table under laser cutter computer
6. Terry N: Drawers/storage for 3D printers
7. Seanlee: Erin Henderson and WorkAbility
8. Seanlee: Single Board Computer Area
9. Adrian: Display case vs Electronic sales
10. Adrian Ba: Dedicated maintenance area?


1. Adrian: Projector for classroom
- Projector tested. Quiet, better resolution.
- Donated by Colin F. $3200 new, about 9 years old.
- Somewhat yellow but that may be due to keystoning.
- Current projector is dim, colors are bad. Bit Buckets wants it for another meeting area by the stairs.
- New projector has mounts on the bottom. Might require a bracket.
- Seanlee will install it.

2. Adrian: Quartermaster and "consumables to stock"
- Adrian suggests a quartermaster to take care of Costco stuff, buy replenishables and consumables on Amazon, etc.
- Connor recommended Victor C, who buys things from Costco often.

3. Adrian: Selling on eBay for commission
- We're having trouble finding a volunteer to sell things on eBay so we're thinking about allowing a commission. Annette is interested.
- Adrian Bo offered a test-auction for a microscope on eBay.
- A station for putting things up on eBay? Seanlee is willing to help setup the station.
- Terry N: Similar to the BICAS model in which either paid staffers do it or a work-trade option.
- This agenda item is recommended for the Board.

4. Adrian: Status of Cameo "vinyl cutter". Repair or replace?
- Cameo is dead. The board cannot be fixed or replaced.
- Adrian: Solder paste, stencils are also cool.
- Dale spoke to Robert P about a replacement. He recommends a $350 model (including software).
- Jorge liked Cricut for about $120. There is also a tablet app. Seanlee likes it too. Jorge can bring one in to show us.
- Sold locally, along with accessories.
- Cool hack using conductive ink to create custom PCB boards. 
- Adrian Bo: When we're looking at new machines we should factor in software.
- Consensus: We should move forward and buy a new vinyl cutter funded by money from X-ELL.
- This agenda item is recommended for the Board.
- Terry G recommends GoFundMe.
- Jorge will ask JoAnn's for a donation of a Cricut.

5. Terry N: Table swap: desk near stairs and table under laser cutter computer
- Several times we have double-booked the classroom. People tend to congregate near island table next to laser cutter. But you cannot fit your legs under the table. Terry asks that we replace that table with a standard one.
- Adrian Bo: They saved the desktop from the other island desk and add steel legs to make a new table.
- Adrian Bo: We need to also figure out what to do with 3D Printing area.
- Terry G: We need a plan! We have a lead on 4 tables, 72" long x 16" deep x 33" high for $35 each.
- Seanlee moved Wood Shop battlestation downstairs.
- Dale doesn't think that area is good for groups because it blocks the stairs.
- Adrian: We're developing the north loft to support people.

6. Terry N: Drawers/storage for 3D printers
- Rendered moot due to the previous topic.
- Adrian Bo: Can we move the things in the island desk's drawers to a shelf?
- Move the table against the wall so it doesn't block anything.
- Eventually we will move the low wall to make front desk smaller and 3D printing bigger.

7. Seanlee: Erin Henderson and WorkAbility
- Seanlee: With technology, people with disabilities can express themselves in ways they couldn't before.
- She has 4-6 (never more than 10) adults with disabilities, called WorkAbility. She's interested in a workshop.
- Committee's approval is not needed to do a tour.
- Adrian Bo: Go to David L about group activities.
- Adrian Bo: We want to become a registered charity and this would help.

8. Seanlee: Single Board Computer Area
- Space is lacking for people who want to work on Arduinos and Raspberry Pis. We could buy some things that would make it easier.
- Adrian Bo: David L was talking about doing something similar. Purchases would come out of his Electronic budget.

9. Adrian: Display case vs Electronic sales
- David L says his electronics sales are way down since we moved them to the shelf.
- Seanlee may have access to some more display cases. Putting it in a case makes it looks like it's for sale.
- Terry G: Is someone in charge of the display case, sales?
- Adrian Bo: A shop manager for Front Desk, sales, display case.
- Dale: Build a nicer displace case for sales.
- Liz G might be interested. Seanlee is interested in helping.
- Dale: Selling online requires shipping and handling, markup, competition with other vendors.
- Adrian Bo: Should we restrict our sales to things people use or continue to allow bumper stickers, etc.
- Adrian Bo: Give promotional items to Promotion Subcommittee to either sell swag or give it away.
- Possible put electronics sales on other side of soda machine.

10. Adrian Ba: Dedicated maintenance area?
- A place to put broken items for the mechanically-inclined to attempt repair? Someone to evaluate whether it is salvageable. If not, dispose of it. Looking for a space to work eats up valuable time.
- Terry G, Dale like the idea.
- We have Borked/Broken parking tickets to put on broken tools. Adrian is integrating tickets with XIS.
- Adrian Bo: A storage space for broken equipment. Shop Managers should have the expertise to keep their equipment going.
- Use the battlestation that Seanlee just moved downstairs as this area?
7:15pm to 8:40pm

In Attendance: Jeremy, Michelle, Terry G, Adrian, Terry N, Miroslaw, Dale


1. Dale: Setting up regular Meetup sessions with a standard schedule.
2. Michelle: Brief update on basement work
3. Michelle: Brief update on Jewelry Dept.
4. Adrian: Facebook boosts
5. Adrian: Parking permits
6. Terry N: Summer Camp update
7. Terry N: KMKR update


1. Dale: Setting up regular Meetup sessions with a standard schedule
- like second Saturday 6 to 8pm. This will be in addition to classes on an ad hoc basis like we do now.
- Dale has taken over the Innovation Tucson Meetup from Stephanie B. Dale would like to add it to our account.
- Dale proposes we set aside time (e.g. Second Saturdays) for MeetUp events.
- Adrian: Cross-post from our MeetUp to TIM when appropriate.
- ACTION ITEM: Terry N: Add to Hack Your Hackerspace: Install chalkboard behind projector screen. Prime and paint drywall and stairs. Drywall work on back wall of bathroom.

2. Michelle: Brief update on basement work
- David working VERY HARD on new lighting.
- Adrian B is a certified electrician from Louisiana. Helps a lot. Liam is also helping.
- Adrian: Next project: library?
- Michelle: Do we need all those chairs?
- Liz and Glenn come in and do some cleaning work.
- Adrian B would like the metal racks removed from the wall so he can get behind it to install conduit.
- David says nothing shorter than 8 feet should go on his racks.
- Adrian: Move metal racks to the uneven floor space and level them.
- Terry G: Arizona Designer Craftsmen is getting rid of some narrow tables, used for jewelry work. They want $30 to $50 each.
   - Adrian: They might fit well in the loft.
   - Terry N: Narrow good for Jewelry area.
   - Dale would rather we build our own to our own specs.
   - Terry will get pictures and dimensions.
- Dale will talk to United Fire about the sprinkler head by the new staircase. They must pull the permit then they can add it. Once that's done we can install the drywall. Then city comes in for final inspection.
- WAMO could credit us for sprinkler work done.
- We could get moe coupons from Home Depot or get them to chip in on the drywall.
   - It's best to go early in the month to beg.
- Terry G: Thank you's to Home Depot and Lowes would be helpful.
- Adrian: Kyle should add Home Depot and Lowes as sponsors.
- Every month at Steering Committee, write a letter of projects for the next two months to take to Home Depot, etc.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will announce metal rack move for Wednesday at 7pm. Announce, Discuss, blog.

3. Michelle: Brief update on Jewelry Dept.
- Michelle is feeling well again! She wants to get to work on the Jewelry area. Floors ripped up, metal floor put down. Relocate deep sink.
- DIY concrete countertops to record and edit for YouTube. Jeremy will record and edit.
- Terry N: We'll relocate the robot once we find a good spot. Needs tall space.
- Terry G recommends concrete board. Hardy Backer 3x5 sheets. Cuts easily with carbide blade.
- Terry G recommends a ventilation.

4. Adrian: Facebook boosts
- Terry N's Facebook post about XELL. We have a $40 promotion on it. Promotion is geared toward parents with teens and pre-teens. Reached 2,600 so far.
- Adrian says the most people are finding us by searching for "cosplay".
- Terry G: We don't have attendees sign in ask where they heard of us.
    - Terry N: We ask during the signup for XELL.
- DaNel H sent it out to her entire STEM mailing list.

5. Adrian: Parking permits
- Rather than fillin out a green papaer permit, you the front desk computer to print out a permit that also has a digital version that will maintain contact with project's owner to annoy them until taking care of it.
- Big problem: How to keep permits attached?
- Michelle: It's going to eat up toner, which is expensive.
   - Terry N: We have a printer that's very efficient with toner.
- Connor doesn't like that you have to open the PDF to print it.
- Terry N: An "Info Notebook" for staffers of how to do commons chores at Xc, e.g. making a new keyfob.
- Adrian wants to combine this system with the "Members' banker boxes".
- We need astaff to make sure that permits are attached securly and that all items are securly bundled together.
- Michelle: seran wrap for wrapping freight.
- Terry N: luggage tags from airports.
- Dale: Tyvek

6. Terry N: Summer Camp update
- Terry N is asking for help for the first week. One theme is metalworking. Another is 3D printing and laser cutting. 10 sessions. They want 15 kids in each. 4 kids in each and the camp still goes on. Any less and they'll pull the plug.
- Kip P of Physics Factory is sharing his contacts with Terry N and Dale. She's spoken to Kip for hours and taken many notes.
- Amy U advises using personal conttacts in schools to get them to send flyers home and email sent to parents.
- We're listed in Bare Essentials, AZ Daily Star.
- Dale has made a 16-page brochure. Seanlee made a 1 page brochure.
- Kip did not have a coheasive mailing list to give to us. She emailed him again last night.
- If you know kids 11 and up interested in metalwork, let us know!
- Josh B will help with City High.
- We're also doing direct marketing to our sponsors with coupons.
- Jeremy: Let's cold-call schools.
   - Terry N: Personal contacts are far more effective than cold-calls.
- Adrian: Ask the Announce List for contacts to local schools.
- Terry G: Advertise to Boy and Girl Scouts, Big Brothers, Big Sisters.
- Adrian: Steve P of Gazelle (Greater Arizona E-Learning Initiative) would be a good contact.
- Dale and Terry N will meet with DaNel H next Monday. Thet'll discuss a followup to the camp for teachers. WE can request DaNel have flyers sent out to her students.
- Terry N: There will be a volunteer orientation meeting for volunteers.

7. Terry N: KMKR update
- We bought our antenna with a grant from the Arts Foundation of Tucson and Southern Arizona.
- Terry N also submitted another grant.
- David F thinks the money we have is just anout what we need.
- Streaming radio is a greater possibility thanks to Simply Bits.
- Adrian: KAMP Radio is AM and they're interested in cooperating with us on FM.
- Dale's friend in Phoenix knows of a group that sold their license (just the license) for $20k.
7:24pm to 8:45pm

In Attendance: Jeremy, Terry G, Sudden, Paula, Terry N


1. Terry G: Greenfield School - Post Mortem & summer camp contact

2. Terry G: Xerocraft Sales - How do we add items such as Doodle boxes? Are there any Web Sales?

3. Paula: Local Calendar Project

4. Adrian: I'd like Jeremy (co-manager of Storage) to discuss a plan for clearing some stuff out or switching it over to paid storage.

5. Adrian: Need an instructor for the Thursday laser cutting class. Conner, David L, and Peter are not available. Any nominations for additional laser cutter instructors?

6. Adrian: Some storage questions

7. Adrian: We need a new Computer Manager.


1. Terry G: Greenfield School - Post Mortem & summer camp contact
- Kids were on April 6. Went weel. 8 kids instead of 10.
- Terry recommends that the teachers do a dry run of the project beforehand.
- Katie Snyder (sp?) would like to know more about the summer camp. Nancy Bonsall would like more information.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will get her contact info to Dale.

2. Terry G: Xerocraft Sales - How do we add items such as Doodle boxes? Are there any Web Sales?
- How do we add items such as Doodle boxes?
- Jeremy: Place it at the front area with a price tag. We don't have a very good system.
- Sudden: Online sales are kind of pointless.
- Terry made instructions so it could be sold as a kit, mailed.
- Price: 7 mins if laser cutting per box. White board: 50 out of a 4x8ft sheet ($13). We decided $5.
- Adrian: Concerning Terry G's question about Xerocraft sales, we can list items on our Facebook Shop. I think the doodle boxes would be good to list. I'd argue that uninteresting items like unwanted overhead projectors should not be listed on our Facebook Shop because I don't think we want to project a Sanford & Son image on Facebook.

3. Paula: Local Calendar Project
- An open source calendar platform focused primarily on places and events in Tucson. Events can be shared by the creator. The event goes to an information commons that is available to everyone.
- 4 categories to stat with: people, actions, events, issues.
- Information is distributed so even if the original calendar goes down, the others will save the data.

4. Adrian: I'd like Jeremy (co-manager of Storage) to discuss a plan for clearing some stuff out or switching it over to paid storage. Specifically, I'd like to see specific people asked to remove stuff that they have in long term storage: (1) "Big Mike's" stuff that appears to be for a robot, (2) Christoph's hoop material and fabrication stuff, (3) Steve Bowtie's (?) bar-bot. I think Connor said he has some stuff in long term storage too. If any of these people would like to continue storage at Xerocraft, tell them that we're working on pricing per unit volume and ask what they think would be a reasonable rate without implying that they'll get that rate. Are there any other people that are storing more than the "one banker's box" worth of free storage that comes with a PAID/EARNED membership? If so, they should also be added to the list.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will talk to Adrian.

5. Adrian: Need an instructor for the Thursday laser cutting class. Conner, David L, and Peter are not available. Any nominations for additional laser cutter instructors?
- No one at the meeting could think of anyone.

6. Adrian: Some storage questions:
a) Should we offer a percentage sales commission to help get rid of unwanted items like the compressor and the microscopes?
- Terry G broaught that up once and was told it's a board decision.
b) Can we throw out the larger, effectively non-functional printer, or put it on the list of items to sell or otherwise dispose of?
c) Remember the semi-sorted piles of stuff that were collected along the south wall in the basement? What can be thrown out?
d) Are we going to build shelves in the basement for things other than materials (which David L is already working on)? We can't just leave stuff strewn across the floor.

7. Adrian: We need a new Computer Manager. Last week, I think we had four sick computers: Laser Cutter computer, two of the computers on the new computer bench, and one of the CNC router computers. David fixed the latter but I believe that the other three are still sick. I don't know anybody that has the time or expertise to take over as Computer Manager so I'd appreciate leads from the Steering Committee if they have any.
- Jason Pigeon is interested.
- ACTION ITEM: Jeremy will contact Robbie.
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